Gadget Support

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Techlabs365 Certified technicians can instantly support you to fix the issues affecting the performance of your computer. Usually, computer problems can occur due to software conflict, usage of incompatible drivers, virus attack or even registry troubles. Our tech experts can update the pre-configured antivirus on Windows and keep its virus definitions updated to fight against all sorts of attacks. Moreover we can clear the redundant files like Internet cache, application logs, installation history and many other leftover icons so that virus cannot hide within these files.

Our technicians can update the drivers for every single device connected on your computer. Our experts can remotely configure the software associated with peripheral devices to regularly inform you about their respective updates. Techlabs365 tech experts can manage to set-up your printer and scanner to help you easily scan your photos and further take printouts. For safety purposes, we can create restore point on Windows, which can help you to get back to the previous settings at the time of computer failure.

Software Support

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We at Techlabs provide third-party support for All brand Printers like HP, Cannon,Epson etc. Our technicians can easily set up and install a printer in your computer whether it may be wireless printer, Network printer or Laser printer. Important though, the printers also encounter a host of issues and errors that are often quite annoying while doing some important work. The best choice for your computer repair is a remote method for troubleshooting your computer problem. With your permission, our certified PC computer repair tech will take control of your mouse and keyboard.

Tech Support for Desktop PC

It only takes a phone call or a click online to start your repair through online computer repair connections. When you require the fastest computer repair available, Techlabs365’s online computer repair service is for you. Our certified techs will secure you from Internet threats, hackers, and intruders who attempt to steal your personal information.

Tech Support for Laptop

Techlabs365 expert technicians can support you to increase the Internet speed by merely updating the drivers for your built-in wireless card. It is possible that you are unable to generate superior sound from your laptop speakers. To rectify this particular issue, we can deploy the most compatible sound card drivers. iYogi’s skilled and expert technicians can help you to enhance the performance of your laptop by fixing all system errors in time.

Tech Support for Printers

We can assist in connecting your printer to a network printer and sharing access across your home or small office. Techlabs technicians can help you to install latest drivers and remove software conflicts, if any. We can perform a test print to check that your Printer is in good working condition or not.

Printer Support