Support Policy

For fast Email support dial 1-844-798-3800.

Techlabs365 is available 24x7 to the customers for any kind of support that they may seek regarding their computer related issues. Customers can get in touch with the support specialist using the following ways:

1. Call the toll free # 1-866-888-0448
2. Email the support team on

Every call is monitored and recorded to guarantee highest level of satisfaction to the customers. If the tech is unable to resolve the issue that the customer is facing, it gets escalated to the next level of support.

In any case, if the customer is unhappy with the resolution, service, and behavior they can send their feedback to


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User responsibity (very important) in connection with obtaining services, you agree that you will: Cooperate with the Techlabs365 technician: we will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the support to you. Our experience shows that most issues can be corrected as a result of close cooperation between you and the technician. Please listen carefully to the technician and follow the technician's instructions. You must confirm that the following conditions are true: The situation giving rise to the question is, reproducible on a single system, i.e., one central processing unit with its workstations and other peripherals; you must have knowledge regarding the hardware system, any software involved, and in the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident; the full system, including software and hardware, is available to you and accessible by you without limit during any telephone discussions with Techlabs24x7 Support personnel.

Software / data backup

You understand and agree that techlabs365 shall under no circumstance be responsible for any lost or corrupted software or data. Techlabs365 Support strongly recommends that you at all times maintain a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan. Account, password, and security: for you to submit a plan order, you must complete the registration process by providing us with current, complete and accurate information as prompted by and required under the applicable registration form. You also will choose a password and a user name. You are solely and entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account.